Billings – Eugene Sara Det 418

Detachment Officers – 2023/2024

Ben Ostermiller, Commandant
Tom Jones, Senior Vice Cmdt
Tim Bender, Junior Vice Cmdt
James Borner, Chaplain
Rebecca Ostermiller, Adjutant

Amy Hunt, Paymaster
Ralph McKinney, Judge Advocate
Doug Wood, Sgt at Arms

Mike Tolstedt, Junior Past Commandant

Det 418 web page

Det 418 facebook


I know most will want to participate in this  opportunity.

Matt Mc Donell of the Big Sky airshow will be using our Color Guard for opening ceremonies  all three days of this event. Friday will be a practice day for the Blue angels and is open to all veterans. If you would like to go let me know so i can get a list of names and email addresses for e-tckets which will be forwarded through me. They also said they would allow us space for a tent on the line for recruiting, etc. Just need to have folks to man it.